“Dream On” says IIM Visakhapatnam as they host their first ever TEDx Talk

17th Feb 2018: IIM Visakhapatnam, on Saturday, has hosted their first-ever TEDx Event at Four Points by Sheraton. Five distinguished speakers delivered their engaging talks on topics related to Arts, Technology, Education, Sports, etc., The theme of the event revolved around the topic of “Dream On”.

Jawed Habib, the first distinguished speaker of the day, is a name that needs no introduction. With customisation as the key, the founder of Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Ltd., revolutionised the field of Cosmetology in India & other parts of the world turning a tabooed profession into a fashionable one. He spoke how working part time at McDonalds, instilled the thought of making McDonalds like franchise system in Hair care & beauty fields. He jokingly said that AI could kill all the jobs but it still needs a person to style the hair. He spread the idea of romanticizing with your dream to achieve it.

Ramya Ranganathan, the author of “I’m choosing life”, is an IIM Bangalore professor who is on her pursuit to explore why do people work. She has many avatars which includes poet, philosopher, yoga teacher, a travel writer and an artist. She invites students to craft meaningful careers for themselves. Speaking on the occasion of TEDx, she encouraged the audience to ask questions and arrive at a win – win situation. She suggested how integrative thinking is a better option and how it helps you explore the infinite options. And how creating experiences is important for any person because it is the experiences that stay with people.

Awdhesh Singh, Director of the E-learning platform AwdheshAcademy.com is one of the top Quora writers. He got four best selling books to his name. He is an Ex – IRS officer (Customs & Central Excise 1991 – 2016) who was conferred Certificate of merit by World Customs Organization in 2011 and Presidential Award by Govt. of India in 2015. He began by quoting A P J Abdul Kalam “You have to dream before your dream come true”. His idea revolved around the power of thoughts. He strongly propagated that every thought that comes into our mind is the thought of our entire world. He spoke about the four stages of awareness and how going beyond known is only possible with a dream.

Hemlata Tiwari, who initiated a musical platform Swaradhar which provides opportunities to unrecognised musicians performing on the streets, railway stations, etc to showcase their talent to masses and hence giving them an opportunity to earn better. Hemlata says, “If we can go to a music concert and pay a huge amount of money to the performers, why do we hesitate to reward appropriately those who entertain us on the streets or railway platforms?” Hemlata says that her dream was to take these performers from railway platform to a musical platform. She inspired the audience with her zeal to dream for others.

Kaustub Khade, one of the India’s top pro kayakers, has bagged 2 Silver & 1 Bronze at the Asian Dragon Boat Championship. He also etched his name in the Limca Book of records when he kayaked from Mumbai to Goa in 17 days. He became the first Indian who kayaked along west coast of India of 3300 kms in a record 85 day. He spoke about ‘Why a dream’ and what it takes to achieve that dream. He spoke about his own journey of how he left the job and pursued his dream of Kayaking and urged the audience to pursue their dream.

The event concluded with a beautiful story weaved around the theme Dream On with an inspirational message for each one in audience to take away. Finally, the event organiser profusely thanked their sponsors, organizing team and IIM Visakhapatnam without whom, the event would only be a dream.