Inauguration of the PGP 2018-20 batch

23rd July 2018, Visakhapatnam:

“Entrepreneurship is a function of leadership that optimises opportunities and resources” said Shri. Kothapalli Kishore, Managing Director, MRL Posnet (P) Ltd, in his address to the incoming students of the Post Graduate Programme in Management 2018-20 at IIMV.

Mr. Kishore, an alumnus of the famed Kellogg School of Management and IIT (BHU), shared in his inaugural address, the success story of his entrepreneurial journey. He explained, how each of the courses he attended at Kellogg helped him in solving various business problems and turning his business scalable and profitable. He urged the students to have clarity of thought, develop a big picture and only then, drill down into details. If one were to get bogged down in details at the beginning itself, one might feel that the problem is complex. In most situations, a challenge is a mix of many simple problems. If each of these simple problems can be defined well in the form of a clear sentence, the whole challenge itself becomes easily understandable and hence solvable. 

Shri Kishore exhorted the students to become entrepreneurs. The approach should be addressing the three most important criteria in this modern world - viz. tech-enablement, scalability and profitability. If one does not lose sight of these, success is guaranteed, he stressed and wished the students success in their upcoming two-year stint at IIMV.

Earlier, Professor Rajendra Bandi, Senior Professor of IIM Bangalore and Chairperson of Admissions at IIM Visakhapatnam, presented the demographic profile of the incoming batch of 105 students, coming from as many as 20 states. The batch has a sizeable number of students with prior work experience.

Prof. Chandrasekhar, Director of IIMV assured the students that the Institute would always encourage their participation in various events that enhance their learning experience, making it more holistic.

He narrated the advantages of Visakhapatnam as a vibrant city and described the various facilities and amenities available at the Institute, which are perhaps the best among the new generation of IIMs. He urged the students to make optimal use of the talented faculty resources, good infrastructure and the congenial ecosystem in which the Institute operates.

Merit Certificates were also presented on the occasion to the senior students on their scholastic achievements in the first year of study.



Chief Guest Shri. K. Kishore, MD, MRL Posnet, lighting the lamp


Dignitaries on the dias.


Chief Guest addressing the gathering.


Mr. Girish Menon, a student of PGP 2017-19 batch, receiving the merit certificate.


Ms. Parul, a student of PGP 2017-19 batch, receiving the merit certificate.


Mr. Kartheek, a student of PGP 2017-19 batch, receiving the merit certificate.