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The admission process seeks to identify the most promising candidates for the PGP batch of 2019 for IIMV. IIMV uses multiple parameters, namely academic performance in 10th standard examination, 12th standard examination and Bachelor’s degree examination, candidates’ scores in CAT, as well as performance in Personal Interview and Written Ability Test to judge the suitability of candidates for the PGP program. Relevant work experience, if any, is also given weight in the selection. Evaluation by multiple criteria is also consistent with empirical research on recruitment and selection that shows greater efficacy of recruitment processes that uses multiple criteria. The CAT score, over and above being a selection criterion, is also used to establish the minimum level of proficiency that is expected from the candidate in respective areas as indicated by section wise minimum scores in the CAT. Multiple criteria are used to arrive at a composite score for every candidate, which is used to select candidates

PGP2019-21 Admission Process

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