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Conflux 2018'. Theme 'Innovation Redefining Business in Emerging Markets'.

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Recruitment Process at IIM Visakhapatnam
The recruitment process at the Institute is coordinated by the Career Development Services (CDS) Office along with Student Placement Committee. The Institute provides all support in terms of infrastructure and facilities for smooth conduct of the recruitment process. Recruitment at IIM Visakhapatnam is a rolling process. The Final Placement Process is open to all eligible students.

Pre-Placement Talks (PPTs)
PPTs provide an opportunity to students and companies to interact and exchange information. A PPT is typically of 45 - minute duration, during which, the company representatives speak about their organization and the employment opportunities being offered. Students use this time to understand the organization better and assess their opportunities. A Q&A session also forms part of the PPT.

Students Applications
Based on the company presentation and their individual interest levels, students apply. These can be on company application forms or resumes as per company requirements. The applications are forwarded to the company within the specified time frame. The companies are provided sufficient time to evaluate the applications and shortlist suitable candidates.

Companies are requested to send shortlists to the CDS Office at least one week prior to the commencement of final placement interviews. During their visit to the campus, companies interview the shortlisted candidates and extend job offers to those selected. Interview and Offer Letters Companies make job offers after the interviews. Students accept the offers based on the Institute’s Placement Policy. A formal offer letter may be sent to the CDS Office within two weeks of the interview date.

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