Cheer and Camaraderie in the Air as IIM Vizag Gears up for Big Launch

Bonhomie, excitement and a sense of anticipation marked the eve of the inauguration of the Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam as the new batch of students busied themselves settling in.

Guided by the senior students of IIM Bangalore, the mentor institute of IIM Vizag, the new batch got tips aplenty on negotiating life in an IIM. “It’s great to be here; it’s great that our seniors from Bangalore came all the way to induct us here; it’s been a fantastic 24 hours since I landed and I am impressed by the facilities. The hostel is great and the classroom is superb,” declared Ankit Gupta, from Pune.

The horse-shoe shaped classroom with gallery seats, the cool lounge with comfortable bean bags and the state-of-the-art seminar room at the IIM Vizag campus generated a buzz for their novelty. The library which gives students access to relevant global databases has been set up in record time. The discussion rooms – an integral part of academic life on campus – have also been given the thumbs-up by the new students. “We cannot wait to get started with our learning sessions here,” said Ganga Pravalika, from Hyderabad, and Shrinidhi Rajan, from Chennai.

Welcoming the students and their parents, Dr Sushil Vachani, Director, IIM Bangalore, said he was impressed by the diversity of the incoming batch and wished them well. “Although I have often joked that when I came onboard to head IIM Bangalore last year, I little expected that I would be helming two schools and setting up one from scratch, I should say it’s been an exciting time. The unstinting support from the faculty, the students and the staff at IIM Bangalore has helped get IIM Vizag up and running just the way we want to,” he said.

Dr Sourav Mukherji, Nodal Officer, IIM Vizag and Dean Programmes, IIM Bangalore, described the entire process of mentoring a new IIM as “an intense challenge” and said the students of IIM Vizag would get to benefit from their seniors at IIIMB, the wide alumni network of the mentor school and the strong industry connections that IIM Bangalore has nurtured over the years. “To us, faculty and students at IIM Bangalore, this new class at IIM Vizag is like another section,” he added.

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